Oleg Bagmutskiy

About Me

Oleg Bagmutskiy is a 29-year-old artistic photographer based in Moscow, Russia. He was born in Ukraine and grew up in Novosibirsk, Russia, but moved to Moscow five years ago though he operates in Europe most of the time.

Oleg found himself loving photography in his last academic year. It started when he bought a camera with the purpose of running his own video blog but the idea failed. He didn’t take it as a misfortune but saw it as an opportunity to shift into taking still pictures other than videos. Since he had already bought a camera, this transition was easy.

With most of his best pictures being taken in 2 minutes, Oleg describes his style of photography as something between art-fashion and fine-art.

“I am inspired by Tim Walker’s work a lot and all new things like new faces, new locations, nature and films”, he says.

Among all other great things you should know about Oleg Bagmutskiy is that he is not into the preparation bit of a photo shoot. He just shoots the moment and gets the perfect shot instantly.